A United Front Against Disaster

R&R Construction, Inc. has been in Gainesville and North Central Florida for over 20 years restoring and remodeling homes and businesses. R&R stands for Restoration & Remodeling. Founded in 1986, R&R Construction, Inc. is the answer to all of your building needs. We are a fully certified and licensed building contractor for both residential and commercial construction. R&R Construction was developed to satisfy the need for a contractor that could instantly respond to disasters. A contractor that can specialize in putting people’s lives back together. A contractor with a full service team of employees that can cater to all of your building needs, wants, or desires.


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You name it; we have seen it and repaired it. Throughout our history we have been handling fire, wind, & water losses. Throw in an occasional vehicle through a building, sinkhole, vandalism, lightning, or break in and we have repaired just about every type of damage from almost every type of disaster. Knowledge and experience is what you should expect to receive when you hire a restoration contractor. That is exactly what you get when you choose R&R Construction.



Rebuilding existing structures is our primary focus. From here you can see how remodeling became another facet of R&R Construction. We remodel everything from bathrooms, to kitchens, to great rooms, to exteriors. Whether it is the small remodel or the large remodel, we can do it all!